Brushing teeth routinely and having immaculate oral cleanliness don’t regularly prompt impeccable dental care. There are far-reaching issues of tooth rot in youngsters and grown-ups in like manner. There are various strides to be taken to keep up the teeth in the right condition while staying away from tooth rot.

Tooth Decay Types and Treatment

● smooth surface cavities

● pit and fissure cavities

● root cavities

Tooth Decay Treatment

● If tooth decay is caught at the beginning of its inception, one can see the dentists about it. A simple dental filling can remove the decay while root canal treatment is used for the severe form of tooth decay. Swarna Dental works extensively in dental problems and with a host of good dentists under its ambit, one can easily sort out decay issues.

● Regular practice of proper oral hygiene practices leads to good oral health. By taking care of the causes, one can easily sort out dental problems like tooth decay. Regular consultation with Dentists will aid in avoiding tooth decay.