Periodontics / Gum Problems?

Periodontics is the department that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting the periodontium. Periodontium is the supporting structure of the tooth. Supporting structures of the tooth include Gingiva (gums), Periodontal ligament, Cementum, and Alveolar Bone. Periodontal Diseases are caused by bacteria that are present in the oral cavity. Untreated periodontal diseases lead to loss of alveolar bone and loss. of tooth.

Periodontic Treatment Procedures

● Scaling and Curettage- It is the cleaning of the gums and the tooth surface beneath the gums

● Flap Surgery-Flap surgery is the procedure used to treat periodontitis. In this, the mucosal flap is elevated and the tooth surface is cleaned and made free of infection.

● Frenectomy-Frenum is the thick band of elastic tissue that connects the gum tissue directed adjacent to the gum line to the lip, cheek, or floor of the mouth. This tissue is removed in Frenectomy.

● Crown Lengthening- It is the improvement of a smile by reducing the height of gums.